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The company has undertaken several projects which include the following:

1.  Installation of 12 Solar systems to power 12 Transceiver Radio stations in 12 locations in the Kono district for IRC (SL) program.


2.  Installation of solar system for provision of power for hospital wards lighting and security at Mabesseneh Catholic Hospital in Lunsar.


3.  Provision of 1000watts system each for Three Public Health Centers in the Koinadugu District for Medicos Del Mondo.


4.  Installation of solar system to power 20 computers including lights for the Hope Day School.


5.  Installed solar lighting system for illuminating 50 Bill-boards for CELTEL in the streets of Freetown.


6.  We have installed small to medium size Home systems for various clients in Freetown and the provinces.


7.  We have installed solar systems for the Government Technical Secondary School.


8.  Installed solar system for the Prince of Wales senior School.


9.  Installed solar systems for 30 senior Secondary Schools country wide. This power’s Video Internet service for distant learning (between schools in Sierra Leone and International Schools in Britain, Nigeria and South Africa).  


10.  Installation of solar system for the Sierra Leone Grammar School IT Laboratory


11.  Installed solar system for the Freetown Secondary School for Girls (FSSG) Boarding Home  


12.  Supply and installation of submersible solar pump in 5 locations in Freetown for Save the Children International


13.  Supply and installation of solar lighting system for 4 public health units for JICA


14.  Supply and installation of a 16.3Kw solar system for Annie Walsh Memorial School (AWMS)


15.  Supply and installation of a 16.5Kw Back-up system at the National Petroleum (NP) Sierra Leone Limited head office – Cotton Tree.


16.  Installation of a 92Kwp Off-grid Pv solar farm at the UNFPA Country office – Freetown