Refrigerators and Freezers

Make Model Type Capacity Voltage Consumption at 32 Centigrade Number per 20ft container Notes
Sundanzer DCR50 Refrigerator, chest 50 litres 12v or 24v 60 watt hrs/day - use 45w module and 60ah battery 48  
Sundanzer DCF50 Freezer, chest 50 litres 12v or 24v 250 watt hrs/day - use 110w module and 150ah battery 48  
Sundanzer DCRF134 Cabinet type fridge/freezer 134 litres 12v or 24v 720 watt hours/day 54  
Sundanzer DCR 165 Refrigerator, chest 165 litres 12v or 24v 250 watts/day 36  
Sundanzer DCR 225 Refrigerator, chest 225 litres 12v or 24v 300 watts/day 26  
Sundanzer DCF 165 Freezer, chest 165 litres 12v or 24v 675 watts/day 36  
Sundanzer DCF 225 Freezer, chest 225 litres 12v or 24v 800 watts/day 26  
NEW! Battery-Less Solar Refrigerator
Sundanzer DDR165 Refrigerator, chest 165 litres no battery! 120w module or smaller connected direct to unit 36  
Sundanzer TSP154 Thermal storage packs made of polyethylene to hang inside DDR unit to improve hold-over time
New Battery-Less WHO Vaccine Refrigerator
Sundanzer BFRV55 Vaccine refrigerator and freezer, chest type 54 litres 12v 490 whrs/day - recommend 2 x 120w or 3 x 80w 28 No battery required! 4 days holdover time.
Traditional Battery-Type WHO Vaccine Refrigerator
Sunfrost RFVB Vaccine refrigerator and freezer, cabinet 38 litres 12v or 24v 380 whrs/day 36 Traditional type, requires battery and controller.
Contact African Energy or visit for complete sizing. Vaccine refrigerators are WHO approved.